Best Baby Shower Gift Ever!!!

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Future World Traveler Baby Onesie, pregnancy announcement

Do you want to give the best baby shower gift ever?  One that brings tears to her eyes. Moxie and King has the one for you. We have been selling these now for several years and the feedback makes us so happy. Yes, this has been used for quite a few pregnancy announcements.  From Stonehedge to Greece, London to Australia, our customers have made their own special amazing pregnancy announcement using this onesie. Why do people like it so much, well you get to pick six different countries and a due date, that have special meaning. Your first vacation, country of origin or where the baby was made. We have even done a cruise ship stamp :) Your countries represent your story and this onesie tells it. 

What makes an awesome gift? Skip the date stamp and you get to pick seven countries that mean something to the happy couple. It represents their journey together, the next step(baby) and their hope for the future.  It makes a super special personalized one of kind gift, their favorite gift and you, pretty much the coolest most thoughtful person ever. 

Moxie and King Passport Stamps Baby Onesie

Check out our listing and let us design one for you. We always send a mock-up for your approval, so you know it will be perfect. We can do heat press for faster shipment, or we can do Direct to Garment on white or different colors, short sleeve or long sleeve, whatever you need! 

We have other pre-designed versions that was just as awesome if you don't know specific countries. 

Future World Traveler

Future World Traveler-European Edition

Future World Traveler-South American Edition

Future World Traveler- Asian Edition 

Please let us know if you have any questions at all.


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