How to Plan the Best Baby Shower Ever!!!

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So, your BFF, Sister or other special person has shared with you her exciting news!!! She is having a baby, Yay!!!, you are so excited for them.  Of course, you want to throw the best baby shower ever.  You have to come to right place!! 
So ideally you want to throw the shower 1-2 months before the due date. Some babies have other ideas.  But according to the National Center for Health Statistics, 57.5% of babies are born at 39-41 weeks with another 26% being born at weeks 37 and 38. So you are pretty safe at the 1-2 months before time schedule. 
  8 weeks before you want your party, it is time to start planning.
Step #1:  Set a budget. 
 Baby showers generally cost somewhere between $100-$1000. Sure, you can spend more if you want. The more DYI you are, the more you can save costs.  We will post a lot of good ideas, that look great. 
Step#2: Pick a theme or style. 
There are so many cute ideas out there, and we probably have a onesie for that.  Some popular ideas:
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, lots of sparkly lights and gold,
Bees, yellow and black, country flowers and decorations
Whales or fish, Blue, White and Grey, lots of sea shells and beach
Succulents, Neutral tones, with lots of Boho
Travel, maps, passports and luggage
If your mom to be likes horses, then do your own thing and do horses.  Make it personal. 
Step#3: Pick a place
If you have enough room your house or the mom to be's, that is the usual place.  However, you can do it anywhere, a Botanical garden, Tea Room, Restaurant, Farm, Brewery, Outdoor Terrace, Hotel.  If you want to do it somewhere other than your home, you want to book it as soon as you think about it, just so there isn't a problem. 
Step#4: Set the date, time and duration
Once you figure it out where, you need to get a date and time. The typical baby shower is 2-3 hours. 
Step#5: Guest list 
Most parties have around 20 people, so make sure you get a list together of the people the mom to be wants to be there.
Step#6: Invitations
6 weeks before the party it is time to pick your invites. You can have them printed, sites like Etsy have a lot of choices, or find a download and DYI. 
Step#7: Brainstorm menu and games. 
There is a lot of options, have fun searching.  We will post some here that give you some ideas. Once you decide make a list of what you need.  
Step#8:  Mail your invitations
About four weeks go ahead and mail those invitations out. 
Step #9:  Decorations and Party favors
Time to order your decorations/Party favors or supplies for your DYI ones.
Step#10: Finalize all details now if you are booking entertainment or if you have rent table and chairs. 
Step#11: Make your decorations
2 weeks out if you are DYI, time to start putting your decorations together. 
Step#12 Follow Up with any guests that have not responded and finalize guest list
1 week before your party, you need to finalize that list, so you know how much
to buy. 
Step#13 Create two shopping lists
Once your guest list is finalized, its time to make two lists, a non-perishable one and a perishable one. 
On your non-perishable list, plates, napkins, cutlery, party favors, drinks and any food items you can make and freeze. 
On your perishable list, all food items that you need for for the party. 
Step#14 Non-perishable shopping 
Purchase those items on this list. If you have anything you can make a freeze go ahead and do that now. 
Step#15 Its go time.
1 day ahead of time, purchase the items on your perishable list and prepare what you can ahead of time. Pull out any frozen items that need thawed.
If you have access to your space, go ahead and clean and decorate.
Charge that camera battery!!!!
Step#16 Party time. 
Everything should be ready and you just need to put the finishing touches on. 
Relax and enjoy, she is going to love it.  

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